Brothers of St. Joseph the Worker


The Brothers of Saint Joseph the Worker, founded May 1, 1979, is an Association of Christian Faithful. We are a small group of lay men living a simple, common life of prayer while observing the Gospel counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience through private promises. We live in a brotherhood governed under statutes established by this institute and the Third Order Franciscan Rule. Each member devotes himself to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph the Worker, and Saint Francis of Assisi.

United in the name of Jesus, this Community has as its center the daily celebration of the Eucharist and Word of God – sources of strength and spiritual growth for personal sanctification. Time is set apart during the day for communal and private prayer with the Liturgy of the Hours, meditation, the Rosary, spiritual reading, and patronal devotions.

We are men who love God and His Church. A deep source of our unity is the strong fraternal support among the members who have been directed by the Holy Spirit to our way of life. The fulfillment of each Brother lies in his commitment to God and His people. It is a gratuitous response, a gift, an act of fidelity poured out in service to clergy, parishes, schools, or Church-affiliated institutions throughout the metropolitan Cleveland area.


Each Brother emulates Saint Joseph’s loving concern for the Holy Family of Nazareth by laboring for the Church in various areas of need and by ministering with diocesan priests. All types of work can be supportive and contribute to the spread of the Gospel. Knowledge, capabilities, background, life experience, and training become your “tools” for apostolic giving.


The Community’s insignia depicts a censor with rising incense, symbolic of prayer – the paramount importance of our existence and source of vitality in our lives; the carpentry tools of Saint Joseph, symbolic of our ministries and apostolates, supporting the Holy Family of Nazareth (the Church founded by Christ Jesus); and the Cross of San Damiano, symbolic of Franciscanism – our life of holy poverty and humble simplicity. Come, live the “Life of Assisi and the Joys of Nazareth.”


The man who accepts the call to become a Brother of Saint Joseph the Worker should evidence proper intent, a suitable degree of maturity, a generous Christian spirit, and sufficient intelligence. He should be single (never married), usually between the ages of twenty-one and thirty-eight years of age, in good physical and mental health essential to lead an active community life, a practicing Roman Catholic, knowledgeable in his faith, and possess the education, academic degree(s), skills, certification, or professional experience necessary to engage in an apostolate. He must have a capacity for renunciation, but above all, possess a strong desire to deepen his prayer life and grow in his appreciation of the sacramental life of the Church.


We are in search of men who possess the unique “gift” enabling them to live a counter-cultural way of life; men who have a pioneering spirit within their Christian faith; who aren’t afraid of responsibility or sacrifice; dedicated men who will give of themselves entirely in love through service as a Brother of Saint Joseph the Worker, remaining always faithful to a life-long religious commitment.

Dare to be different by challenging yourself, your beliefs, and the world – a challenge through a life of prayer and loving surrender to God’s holy will, in the silent humility of Saint Joseph and the joy-filled spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi. Allow the Holy Spirit to work within you. Answer the call to become a “laborer in His vineyard.”

If you believe you have this “gift,” desire to share it with others, and would like more information, just write us. There’s no obligation, except for the postage stamp. You can also e-mail us at